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Thoughts To Change Lanes


I was contemplating what could I write that would reach people and help them to get them started toward the path of life that best suits them and those connected to them. A path is another word for lane. Here we discover truths of Thoughts To Change Lanes. Here is what came to me,“When purpose is not clear abuse is inevitable” When we meet others and purpose is sensed it.. Read More

Feeling: I Can’t Shake

A Feeling

  I am often told to be tenacious, courageous, persistent, pushing, and dedicated to a direction. This post is about being aware of the feeling you get or signs of when a change is needed in business or relationship and being dedicated to moving the right direction. Here is my main thought around this subject. Do not fight your journey when life moves you on, if your heart is on a.. Read More

Pluses And Minuses Of Starting Your Own Business

Plus and Minuses of Starting a Business

Ready to dive in? O.K. Let’s begin! On the one hand, there’s Pro; In Favor: Very first point in support of starting your own business will be control of your time. 2nd point in favor can be depending on what type of business, no ceiling on income. 3rd supporting point is going to be managing your tax benefits for income maxamization. A fourth big benefit is creating systems to be.. Read More

Impress a Business Client (or your girlfriend) In 5 Easy Steps


Just about anything that would be truly worth doing normally takes more than a single step to complete. Most rewarding tasks take time, demand many basic steps as well as consistent effort. To succeed you have got to ready yourself well, set clear objectives, work hard and persevere. Regardless of what task or project you select, do not expect you’ll find exceptions to those rules. But it is actually not.. Read More

3 Reasons To Start A Part Time Business

by Katie Lopez

What about you? Ever think you might want to start a part time business someday? What do you think brought them to choose to do this? Everyone is different. Some do it for one good reason, some for another. There are apt to be as numerous reasons as people. Many procrastinate, keep on setting it at low priority, work towards other things. Others keep thinking about it but hesitate, keep.. Read More

Writing Business Requirements In 5 Simple steps

Really worthwhile projects typically require several steps for successful achievement. Things with any intricacy require various steps over a period of time. It’s only inherent in the nature of things that substantial tasks aren’t accomplished overnight. To have success you have got to ready yourself well, set clear objectives, work hard and persevere. Whatever project or challenge you take on, there are not apt to be exceptions to those principles… Read More

When Starting A Non-Profit


Knowing just what you should do and knowing how to do a thing is important. Obviously, it really is also important to know the right way to get it done. However, that’s just part of the picture; it’s important, however is not enough. Knowing exactly what to avoid and what mistakes to avoid is also important. One way to accomplish that is to find out what mistakes others have made.. Read More

3 Proven Methods Listen Effectively


There are several explanations why someone might want to listen effectively. The best way to be heard is to be willing to listen to someone else first. People genuinely like someone who listens to them. You truly become a communicator by listening effectively. Improving communication in business, marriage, or raising children.. Probably anyone who desire to be an effective communicator by starting to listen effectively for better communication will want.. Read More