Thoughts To Change Lanes

I was contemplating what could I write that would reach people and help them to get them started toward the path of life that best suits them and those connected to them. A path is another word for lane. Here we discover truths of Thoughts To Change Lanes.

Here is what came to me,“When purpose is not clear abuse is inevitable”

When we meet others and purpose is sensed it says without words, “this is what I am about and anything different is not where I am going”. That person’s sense of purpose causes us to respect their time, possessions, and their attention. We may even want to be associated with them because we ache for our own purpose.
Soon, if we do not transition to our own purpose and make a change we will begin to have contempt for those who do.


It is when we do not perceive a purpose in those we deal with that we began to behave in a way that will lead to abuse because there is nothing to check our behavior and no fear of loss. This many times causes abuse to those we care about.

The abuse does not start out intentionally. We do little things to test the strength of the relationship. As we are allowed to get away with small insults the abuse grows from there. This behavior grows like a weed which feeds on taking life from what is around it. We all know that weeds take no cultivation to grow. This will eventually ruin the relationship that started as something we admired.

Changing Thoughts

So how do we prevent or stop this? The answer is having a purpose and direction for our own life. This causes us to cherish the purpose of another because we understand our commonality of being on a journey of growth and accomplishment.

Another benefit of having your own purpose is that others will be attracted to who you are and who you are becoming. Not because it is motivated by them but because you are being true to yourself. You become an example of what they should do as well for themselves.

The relationships you engender thereafter will become stronger based on the reality of who you are and not the frustration of what you are not. It is always better to come from a position of gratefulness not by knowing what you lack but by admitting that what you begin with is just that; a start.

Without purpose you waste the best asset you have at your disposal. That asset is time. Happiness is many times not the accomplishment of a goal but the thrill of making the effort in the journey to reach for something of meaning.

You may say, “I’m not sure what I want or I don’t have time to find out what it is I want”. Consider this? Even placing effort searching for the answer to one of these questions will begin to give a purpose for your life, bring meaning to your day, and certainly increase appreciation and decrease abuse to others and most of all yourself. This is what allows our Thoughts to Change Lanes. How will you began to change lanes?

Feeling: I Can’t Shake


I am often told to be tenacious, courageous, persistent, pushing, and dedicated to a direction. This post is about being aware of the feeling you get or signs of when a change is needed in business or relationship and being dedicated to moving the right direction.

Here is my main thought around this subject.

Do not fight your journey when life moves you on, if your heart is on a target, even the unfamiliar will lead you to your goal. This may be an indication of the feeling you are getting.

Be Patient or Move On?
This reminds me of a caterpillar that knows when it is time to spin a cocoon and transform as opposed to continue moving forward as a caterpillar. The journey takes faith, listening to yourself, and being aware of consistent confirmation that the time for change is present. Many times this confirmation speaks from different sources unrelated to one another. It may come from a book, a person, prayer, meditation, or just a slight, persistent off center feeling.

I can tell you this urge is not born out of laziness, excuses, or irresponsibility. It is like losing the taste for what you have been doing. Nothing else has changed. Realizing it is not a lack of appreciation, love, or passion for the essence of what you do and where you are going. It is the persistent nag of dissatisfaction you receive. It is really important during this time to not trust mood swings or make decisions out of an extreme emotion. You may even be wondering why you feel this way. Yet it comes with a peace.

This intuition, feeling, or hunch is not normally planned and not seem to be logical reasoning for a move at this time. This is why it is dangerous to move without taking time to test this feeling. Be sure to stay true to your hearts expression of your ultimate goal. This is where practicality and logic are often of no benefit. Sometimes you will fight the urge to move because you have nothing tangible to convince others or yourself that you are not losing a portion of your sanity.

I do believe this is God’s way of nudging you in a direction you would never have considered otherwise. Yet this change actually is the needed piece to get you to where you need to be next.

How Do I Test this Feeling?

Evaluate the variables that impact you

– Make sure you are not just depleted emotionally, physically, or mentally. When you are deficient in one of these your judgment can be impacted to make a wrong decision.
Are you bored – Repetition is one of the ways we mature in a discipline. Do not make a change just because you are not feeling entertained at the time.

Is this a succession of many changes?

– Be careful that you are really attempting to seek some satisfaction. While this may play a part, the urge I speak of seems to be dissatisfaction while at the same time it seems you should be satisfied. It is not a search.
Is someone heavily influencing you – Are you attempting to please someone. While a person can be a confirmer of this urge you have to cease what you are doing and move on, they should not be the originators. This should come from within you.


– Am I changing because I want a different image to others? Again this is not an externally driven change. Others may actually feel you are just fine; especially if it benefits them for you to be so.

Finally don’t be rash

By this I mean begin to prepare for the change. At some point the pitch of the urge will be so loud that you cannot avoid the change. You have to be ready to take full advantage of the change. Remember Noah had never seen rain before he built the ark, yet he was ready when the floods came.
It takes faith. Is this helpful in identifying your feeling?

Pluses And Minuses Of Starting Your Own Business

Ready to dive in?

O.K. Let’s begin! On the one hand, there’s Pro; In Favor:

Very first point in support of starting your own business will be control of your time.

2nd point in favor can be depending on what type of business, no ceiling on income.

3rd supporting point is going to be managing your tax benefits for income maxamization.

A fourth big benefit is creating systems to be less hands on, this allows for vacation and other activities.

And last (but not necessarily least) we’ve got the 5th point in support it is your asset to pass to heirs.

And on the other hand, to help keep this balanced, there is Con; Against:

First point in contra for starting your own business is going to be you have to wear more than one “hat” initially.

Second point against will be you do have to create systems or you will put in more time than ever.

Third point against will be you will have to manage employees or contractors, including spill over from their personal life.

A fourth negative point will be you’re on the hook for everything financially, insurance, human resources etc. .

Fifth and then finally, last point in contra will be you will have to invest time and effort before making a dime, this is not an employee, every two weeks paycheck.

So there you have it, the pros and the cons, the points in favor and the points against.

Finally then, what’s the “bottom line” here? Is starting your own business ) good or bad?

We now have a “Yes” answer to both questions! starting your own business definitely seems to be both good AND bad! It’s left up to the reader to decide which side, the good or the bad, outweighs the other…

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Impress a Business Client (or your girlfriend) In 5 Easy Steps

Just about anything that would be truly worth doing normally takes more than a single step to complete. Most rewarding tasks take time, demand many basic steps as well as consistent effort. To succeed you have got to ready yourself well, set clear objectives, work hard and persevere. Regardless of what task or project you select, do not expect you’ll find exceptions to those rules.

But it is actually not so difficult. You just break it down into basic steps and then take them one at a time…

Here’s how to achieve success at your goal to impress a business client (or your girlfriend) by only using 5 simple steps

Step 1. Find an upscale reputable five star restaurant with a head hostess or waiter.. That is critically important, because in this class of restaurant they normally have one point of contact with authority to help you.. It will be vitally important that you pay close attention to this because this person has decision making and knowledge to make the moves you need to impress your business client (or your girlfriend).

Step 2. Ask your contact what a two person dinner with the works cost on average. If they don’t know you are dealing with the wrong person.. You will need to concentrate on this step while giving it full attention. For the best results, here’s what you ought to look for: The person that seems to direct the dinner floor and always having a warm smile and all the waiters, waitresses, and personnel seem to watch for their cue.. The main reason this is important is This is not a foreign request to them. They understand the importance of business (or other) relationships..

Step 3. Pay 1 and half times the price you are quoted immediately. If you don’t have it go to an ATM and get it. Do not use a credit or debit card. (get a receipt). You do this so you can Remove any doubt about ability to pay as a distraction. Also a 50% tip is above average.. Another reason for this is just to Let this person know that the have to spread the love..

Step 4. Let them know you are bringing a VIP and you would like special treatment.. To elaborate that into more detail, Give them a date, time, purpose of occasion. You all restaurant personnel to greet you by first name, as if they all personally know you. Like you are a major stockholder in the restaurant. You may want to share what you do and a few hobbies they can ask you about. Let them know where you want to be seated. Make sure all waiters or waitresses that pass you ask how you are by name. Now the grand finale, you to leave on that occasion without paying. Why? You already prepaid..

Step 5. Bring your VIP to the restaurant. Have a great time.. Also, write or video a nice review on the restaurant and the great service and send it to your contact..

Along at the finish, if you have followed these steps conscientiously, you’ll triumph over the down sides and achieve your main aim, along with the rewards as well as the fruits that implies! Accept the accolades and respect (and envious glances!). You managed to do it therefore you deserve the credit! It’s your project and your accomplishment. Now enjoy your achievement!

In the event you got off track and failed to adhere to the advice above, ah well, that’s life, I guess. Not everyone succeeds, just those that really want it…

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3 Reasons To Start A Part Time Business

What about you? Ever think you might want to start a part time business someday? What do you think brought them to choose to do this? Everyone is different. Some do it for one good reason, some for another. There are apt to be as numerous reasons as people. Many procrastinate, keep on setting it at low priority, work towards other things. Others keep thinking about it but hesitate, keep putting . A large number of individuals don’t want to try it until they see a person make an attempt, and succeed.

Have you considered it? Do you still have questions abour whether to start a part time business or not? In the event you have not yet actually made up your mind, here are three good reasons that you really should look at:

Firstly, the extra money can used to pay down debt. O.K., I am aware of your point regarding you don’t have enough time to start a part time business. That may be a really good point, and true. Nevertheless if you watch TV, play a sport recreationally, or have a hobby (there is a plus here), you have at least 3-4 hours to make start a part time business..

Secondly, You can turn almost any hobby into a part time business. Moreover, a hobby is normally something you already enjoy, are knowledgeable about, and you are doing anyway. As well as One day the income has potential to overtake your job income. Wouldn’t that be sweet. Get started by using Google to search for others that have made your hobby or a similar one a part time business.

Thirdly, A part time business becomes protection against income reduction due to a job lost. I know most don’t want to admit it but we can’t control the ups and downs of an employer.. This means that you have to get started on your part time business. It does not have to be sexy, cool, or famous. It just has to be something you are willing to do in your non-productive time.. Yet again, you are controlling the greatest asset in our control. That is your time!

Considering these points puts another light on things, right? And, considering all that, a case could be made for taking a good hard look at ways to start a part time business.

Just consider the implications in all that. Think about it. Maybe, just maybe, it might be a good idea in your case too, to consider methods to start a part time business.

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Writing Business Requirements In 5 Simple steps

Really worthwhile projects typically require several steps for successful achievement. Things with any intricacy require various steps over a period of time. It’s only inherent in the nature of things that substantial tasks aren’t accomplished overnight. To have success you have got to ready yourself well, set clear objectives, work hard and persevere. Whatever project or challenge you take on, there are not apt to be exceptions to those principles.

Nearly every undertaking could be tackled successfully, when you just divide it into clear steps.

Here is how one can create great business requirements just using five simple steps:

Step 1. Brain Dump – Write down any thoughts that come to you regarding your product concept. This is critically important, simply because unfiltered information is needed to trigger thoughts not yet captured. It is vitally important that you seriously consider this because this becomes foundational in beginning to express the business characteristics of your product.

Step 2. Categorize your thoughts. You’ve got to focus on this step while giving it full attention. For the best results, here’s what you ought to look for: Create six columns on a page. Label the columns with the following labels: Why, What Where, When, How and ?. Take all the items from step one and put them under one of the headings. If you are not sure place it under the ? column. It is okay to place a thought under more than one heading.. The key reason why this is very important is this steps begins to put order to our product concept.

Step 3. On a spearate document begin to write your business concept summary in the same order of the column headings. Use the items under each column to help you make each statement. The “Why” heading explains the issue, or problem the product solves. It speaks to the purpose of the product. “What” heading describes what your product does. “When” states the opportunity of its use. “Where” tells you anything as to the location, use, or environment of the product used. “How” explains the action needed to use the product. This becomes the product summary. Try to limit to 3-5 paragraphs. The reason for this will be to create a word picture of your product concept to share with collaborators, developers, and others. Another reason for this is just to be able to express what you are doing as an “elevator” speech. You will use this often to express the concept in a concise but descriptive manner.

Step 4. Write separate requirement statements of the capabilities the product needs to become as described in the summary. These are business are mainly to speak the higher goals of the product. Do not state how it will be accomplished but more what needs to be accomplished as a result.. Meaning, Make sure to number each statement for easy reference. Each statement should start with, “The [product] must be capable of [ ].” For example, The flashlight shall be capable of lighting an average size room. Or A membership directory shall be capable of expansion for adding member information..

Step 5. Check and remove or consolidate duplicates, remove vague statements.. Moreover, Test each statement to see if it can be tied back in support of the product summary..

Along at the finish, in case you have followed these steps diligently, you will probably succeed and experience that success in addition to the fruits it brings! You may then congratulate yourself, stand tall, hold your head high and be pleased with your accomplishment. It’s your triumph to enjoy, and your chance to set the standard for other people to attempt to follow! Now pat yourself on the shoulder and Be happy!

If you didn’t observe the above steps, ah well, too bad. Good luck to your business anyway…

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When Starting A Non-Profit

Knowing just what you should do and knowing how to do a thing is important. Obviously, it really is also important to know the right way to get it done. However, that’s just part of the picture; it’s important, however is not enough. Knowing exactly what to avoid and what mistakes to avoid is also important. One way to accomplish that is to find out what mistakes others have made to make sure you avoid them.

That is especially true for non-Profit orgnaizations Many avoid the mistakes and succeed. Ideally you should be one of these. Three of the most typical errors that individuals make with non-profit orgnaizations are listed below:

Number 1. Clarifying what your non-profit does. You’ll find this important since it is tells you how you are going to get to where you want to go. Much like the route, vehicle, the schedule, main activities, etc. you use to go on a vaction. In order to avoid this problem you need to create a mission statement.

Next, describe what success of your non-profit looks like. What is the final destination? How will you know when you arrive.. Getting this right is very important considering that you must be able share an end goal. To avoid the bad outcomes of this typical error you will need to a vision statement.

To finish, make the non-profit’s mission and vision statement memorable. This can be a common problem when both are too long and easy to forget. The how and what should be evident when spoken and repeatable.. The way to avoid this is keep asking yourself how can I make this reduce words and still be clearly communicate the uniqueness of both the mission and vision statement of the non-profit.

You’ll want to carefully avoid these types of mistakes with non-profit orgnaizations. Instead, stick to the suggestions earlier mentioned for doing it properly. You will then be able to obtain much better results.

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Plain-Text Article:

3 Proven Methods Listen Effectively

There are several explanations why someone might want to listen effectively. The best way to be heard is to be willing to listen to someone else first. People genuinely like someone who listens to them. You truly become a communicator by listening effectively. Improving communication in business, marriage, or raising children.. Probably anyone who desire to be an effective communicator by starting to listen effectively for better communication will want to look into it. It does provide a lot of advantages if what you are trying to do could benefit from it. There are many possible variations in ways to go about it.

There is no “one size fits all” solution. There are lots of methods that each yield viable results. Each method has some advantages and disadvantages, and also its advocates and detractors.

Consequently, it is important to make sure to learn enough concerning the methods here to increase your capacity to listen effectively.

Here are a three simple methods to listening effectively and being a better communicator Look at the person speaking when in physical proximity. This helps prevents distractions.

Be genuinely curious to what they are stating; otherwise you may start forming a response in you mind and miss the opportunity to truly hear them. Thinks thought such as. “what are they attempting to tell me? I want to know what they have to say.”

Repeat what to yourself what they are stating. This means you become an echo of what is being stated.

Maintain eye contact when physically present. This helps to reduce distractions to yourself and the speaker.

Of course there are additional methods too, nevertheless, these shown above are commonly used and appear to be effective. Any may be used successfully. Each of these has lots of successful advocates and good examples. Just select the one or ones you prefer to use to get started to listen effectively and become a better communicator!

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